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The School Food Matters website is for anyone who cares about school food and food education. Here you will find evidence of why school food matters, great examples of best practice and fun ideas to get children cooking and growing and out onto a farm.  

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Why free school meals matter

DexterTo remind us why Universal Infant Free School Meals is a good idea, read this article by Christopher Hope in the Telegraph. It highlights the social benefits of all children eating together, breaking down social barriers. In the pilot projects children demonstrated 'improved social skills at meal times' and the researchers saw 'a levelling effect'. Offering free meals reduced the 'socio-economic differences in the quallity of food eaten at lunchtime' as poorer children were no longer eating cheap packed lunches. So on to September!

Calling all restaurants!

Want some help reducing food waste? We love this new initiatve. Foodsave is committed to helping restaurants save money by reducing food waste and they've produced this very cool video to explain how it works.

Lighter London

SFP LogoOne of the actions of the School Food Plan was to set up flagship boroughs to demonstrate the impact of improving school food on a large scale. Initiatves in these boroughs are not to be limited to school food. The flagships will become energetic hubs of food related activity. After a lengthy application process involving all 32 London boroughs, we're now delighted to congratulate Lambeth and Croydon on becoming flagship boroughs.