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The School Food Matters website is for anyone who cares about school food and food education. Here you will find evidence of why school food matters, great examples of best practice and fun ideas to get children cooking and growing and out onto a farm.  

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What's happening in California?

Thank you to our trustee Frances Harris for directing us to the work of the Center for Ecoliteracy in the US. We particularly like their Rethink School Lunch programme and this film called Making the Case. We hope you enjoy it too.

Guidance for governors on school food

DfEAs we hurtle towards the end of term we thought it might be useful to remind everyone that from January 2015 school food standards are mandatory in all schools and academies established since June 2014. School governors are responsible for ensuring that these standards are met and the Department for Education has produced some useful guidance to support governors.  Click here to read the guidance.

SFM is campaigning hard to ensure that school food features in the new guidance for Ofsted inspectors. You can add your voice by responding to the Ofsted consultation here.

School Food Plan Annual Report

SFP Annual Report


The School Food Plan's annual report is here. SFM joined the Plan's expert panel back in May 2012 so this is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved.

It also shows us that it's all hands on deck to get us to that Golden Age in school food so please read, reflect, enjoy and get stuck into the great opportunities ahead!