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The School Food Matters website is for anyone who cares about school food and food education. Here you will find evidence of why school food matters, great examples of best practice and fun ideas to get children cooking and growing and out onto a farm.  

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Ofsted Consultation

Ofsted logoThanks to all of you who responded to the recent Ofsted consultation. We encouraged our supporters to respond to Question 4 on the 'personal development, behaviour and welfare' judgement. Within this judgement lay the magic words "healthy eating' and we were struggling to find a mention of school food or food education anywhere else! 

The consultation findings have just been published and at the top of page 17 under Question 4 it states: "Overall, there was strong support for the ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare judgement’. More than three quarters of all respondents were in favour."  In the light of these findings, Ofsted propose "to introduce the new judgement on ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’ from September 2015." 

We'd like to think this is good news but we'll let you know what that means in practice as soon as we do! Thanks for playing your part.