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Current Campaigns and Steering Groups

Save Our School Food Standards!

SOS logoTogether with Jamie O, Children's Food Campaign, LACA and Food for Life Partnership SFM is asking everyone to lobby their MPs to sign EDM 54, calling for the mandatory school food standards to apply to all schools without exemption. Read Jamie O's letter to all MPs here and find out more here.  Michael Gove's response to campaigning on school meals has been to set up a review led by Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent of Leon Restaurants.  Read about the School Food Review here.  Our joint submission to the School Food Plan can be found here.   

Every School a Food Growing School

Taskforce PicLed by Garden Organic with research funded by DEFRA, the taskforce is examining the benefit of establishing food growing areas in every school in the UK.  Alongside SFM, the group includes Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins; former England rugby union captain, Lawrence Dallaglio, the Royal Horticultural Society, the Women’s Institute and Morrison’s supermarket amongst many other key players.

Food for Life Catering Mark Standards Committee

FFLIn 2011, SFM joined the Food for Life Catering Mark Standards Committee hosted by Soil Association.  This group has been working on all elements associated with moving the existing Silver and Gold Catering Mark criteria to a more flexible points based system.  The committee is made up of a  lively mix of school meal caterers, restaurant chef/owners, academics and campaigners. Click here to see the new standards launched in January 2012.

London Food Board

In June 2010 SFM joined the London Food Board, chaired by Rosie Boycott. The Board meets quarterly to develop strategy to improve Londoners’ access to healthy and sustainable food.  The 12 Executive group members include Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s brand and Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University. 


Project Updates

Harvest Sale at Borough Market

Borough Market LogoFollowing the success of last year's pilot, the Harvest Sale at Borough Market is set to continue this year, supported by United St Saviours Charity. Twelve Southwark schools will be growing vegetables from seed to sell at Borough Market on Thursday, 10th October 2013. Chris Collins, Blue Peter Gardener, will be training school children in the art of growing and proceeds from the sale will be donated to Walworth Garden Farm, a charity providing environmental education, horticulture and bee-keeping training in Southwark.  This programme is free for schools to participate in.  Please contact us if this project is of interest to your school!

School Market Day with Whole Foods Market

WKF LogoMember schools in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames will be celebrating the September opening of the new Richmond Whole Foods Market with a day of selling school-grown fruit and vegetables and school-made chutneys and jams.  From May, students will be growing strawberries, rhubarb, winter squash and pumpkins to turn into tasty treats to sell at Whole Foods Richmond.  TV chef Paul Merrett will teach school children all about jam making in the summer and a trip to a local strawberry farm will offer some fruit farming tips and more produce to turn into jam.  Please contact us if this project is of interest to your school!

Gardening Grants for London Schools

DexterCaterer ISS are supporting growing activities at schools in the London boroughs of Richmond and Southwark with grants and training for the next two years.  The grants will help each school start or expand their growing activities.  Chris Collins, Blue Peter Gardener, is training teachers and students from schools in both boroughs and Petersham Nurseries have kindly donated fruit trees, herbs and seeds to participating Richmond schools.  SFM are administering the grants and liaising with each school to make sure they get the most out of this exciting programme.

School Produce Sale at Waitrose

Building on the success of our School Produce Sale with Waitrose over the last three years, this project is now being launched nationally across all Waitrose branches.  "Grow and Sell", an initiative providing seeds from The Waitrose Farm at Leckford, will continue to offer an enterprise opportunity to schools to sell from their local branch.  If you are one of our member schools and interested in taking part this year please contact us or to find out more, contact your local branch of Waitrose.

Grey Court School Farm

Grey-Court-School-Farm-Logo 387_393_90Check out our School Farms page  to follow the progress of Grey Court School to become London’s first school farm.  Planning permission has now been granted for the farm building and you can track the progress of Grey Court‘s free range chicken project on Twitter .


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